Help something is wrong with my chicks vent


Mar 21, 2016
Dexter, Michigan
She's a 10 day old silkie and she had pasty butt which I was cleaning. It seemed to resolve and I came home today and she looks in distress. And her vent looks bad. She keeps chirping and looks to be breathing heavy. I can't get a picture to upload but it looks like her vent is clogged with poop.
The area around her vent was protruding and there was no poop in the outside but some whit stuff was sticking out. We put her bum in warm water and rubbed some oil on her. She was clearly in distress so my husband pulled some poop out and got out a hard whitish clump that kind of just fell apart. It's still swollen back there but her bum is much softer now. We have her in her own box with food, water and sugar water under a heat lamp. Is there anything else we should do? She was sleeping when I just looked in on her but woke up and started chirping again. I don't know if she's just freaked out now or still in pain.
Update: we tried to clean out her vent a few times and now she seems to be able to pass a good amount of feces but she seemed very exhausted and was still breathing heavy. She is sleeping comfortably now but breathing a little heavy. We have her in her own box with food, water and watered down food. I'm worried about dehydration now but I guess there's not much else we can do for now. She's quite a bit smaller than our other silkie baby but was that way from the very beginning.

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