HELP! There is a sore on my duck's beak! UPDATED (pic)


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Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
I caught my "female" Welsh Harlequin from Metzer Farms earlier because we were suspicous that "she" was a he, and "she is in fact a he.
Anyways, I noticed that HE had a large bump under the right nostril on his beak. There is a scab that is smaller than my pinkie-nail on the bump, and it is warm to the touch. I think he got his beak caught on the fence and it got infected. Do you have any suggestions on how to treat it? I was thinking about draining it with a needle, but I really am not sure if that is a good idea.
I need you'r wisdom! Please give me some advice!
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I will try to get a pic, but I am not sure if the camera batteries are charged...... Thanks for replying though!
It does look like an abscess or fluid collection, and the scab is probably where he was injured. I'd just watch it. Once the abscess "ripens" it will force the scab open and it will drain on it's own. As long as he's eating and drinking fine, just watch it and him
Thank you Kim65!
I was just making sure he was OK. I once had a duck get a fishing hook stuck in her mouth with the sharp end sticking right through the top of her beak!
With my mom's help we cut the hook out, but we couldn't get the fishing wire unwrapped from her tongue. Luckily she was ok.
I've had injuries on duck's beaks like that before. Its more than likely a scab covering some kind of injury, and no I wouldn't try and pierce it unless your absolutely sure its infected....You say it feels hot/warm thats normal I think it has something to do with the veins and all that run in the beak and its right there by the nostrils and so its going to be quite warm feeling.

It will eventually burst and leak any fluid build up on its own, if there is any there. Just keep an eye on it and as long as it doesnt get worse, leave it be .

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