HELP- think my RR might be dying UPDATE


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My RR starting acting really strange yesterday afternoon, When i came home from work i went to let all of my chickens out of their coop like i normally do everyday, and she stayed behind.
So i sat around and watched her for awhile, She is walking really slowly and not hanging out with the rest of the flock.
I put out a treat of cottage cheese for them and she ate that, and i saw her drink water so that part is good.
But then this morning when i went out to feed she was hanging out by herself again, i saw her drink water, but she did not eat.
She pooped.. but it wasn't very much and it was really runny....

I am not sure what is going on, All of my other girls are fine and my Roo, so it is very odd and makes me worried.

They are about 2 years old. I got them when they were about 1 year old.
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Yes you should be able to get that at any good feed store. Fleet Farms here sell Vital brand. It is a generic livestock electrolytes.

I wouldn't say your Rhode Island REd is dieing from the sounds of it.
Have you checked her thoroughly? Check her crop, her body for injuries, her vent, and lower body (below the vent) for fluid or masses. Let us know what you find. Thanks, Lynn
Maybe seperate her and give her some TLC. Load her up on her favorite treats. Maybe she's just stressing from the heat? Is she still laying reguarly?
Ill check her thoroughly when i get home tonight.
She is still laying, i got an egg from her yesterday.
She has always been a little weird, she like to sleep in the nest box @ night even though its way low in the coop.
Not as weird as two of our hens who have been sitting on empty nests for almost three weeks
She may have an illness requiring medication to cure. Lethargy could mean many things...Last September hen Ellie became very lethargic. Blood work showed results consistent with infection and/or inflammation, unknown cause. Antibiotic and antiinflammatory brought her right back (I acted very quickly in bringing her to the vet though) and she's been healthy since. I don't think she would have made it without the meds. Your hen likely has something completely different but she may need meds in time to beat whatever it ailing her.

Is there a chance she has worms? How is her weight? When you check her body closely perhaps this will offer some hints.
Do you know how her appetite has been recently, i.e., before yesterday?


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