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Sep 11, 2014
I have a lg9200 have 4 runner duck eggs in bator on day 29 no hatch yet, 2 have invisible movement the other 2 nothing. I recently noticed my temp was off by what looks like 8° any hope on saving these babies? Any help would be great. This is our 1st hatch
Did you mean visible movement? And nothing from the other two? I would leave them for 4 days after the due date just to see if they are late hatchers it can happen. 8 degrees does sound a lot for it too be out I would think it depends on how long the temp has been out by. If you still have no action I would candle and tap to see if you can hear anything. Or do the float test to see if you have any bobbing of the eggs in water. Good luck :fl
Sorry I ment visible movement to the eye. I did candle yesterday 2 of the 4 had movement but from what I could tell still hadn't broke into the air sacks. I did get the temp back up thou am having issues keeping it up today we had a huge cold front come in and are expecting snow. The 2 thermometers are off by 4° not the 8 I original thought and hydrometer meters are off each other by 25 %. The 2 that are off are the one's I started with so I'm sure everything has been out of wack since day one. I did try to listen for sounds yesterday day but couldn't tell for sure with the kids making so much noise them selfs. As soon as the kids are off to school I'll start watchin for eggs jiggling around.

External pip
The air cells is much larger, I couldn't find a pencil to mark it before lockdown. Kids are glued to the bator watching :)
I bet they are it's such an amazing thing. I'm the same don't get much done while hatch is going on because I can't stop watching incubator :eek:. I'm on day 16 with 10 more polish so not long to wait now although it seems to be taking forever.
Yes it's nerve racking... I'm trying to stay busy but seem at still end up at the bator pacing around lol guess I'll focus on heating the brooder for the time being

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