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    Nov 19, 2014
    Ok I'm back. For 2 weeks I have been treating this chick. It definitely has respiratory problems. Here are symptoms:
    1) Eyes swollen shut. Hard crust develops quickly after cleaning and getting open (1 eye only). Cant get large scab off worse eye so far.
    2) Has developed yellow film on one side of tongue. I have been wiping roof of mouth and tongue with q tip and bentadine for 3 days now.
    3) Chronic breathing troubles. Gurgles sometimes fluid coming into beak witch it re swallows. Labored breathing. Looks like its breathing with a balloon in chest. Almost like air is in its crop.
    4) I cannot find its nostrils! In the picture the pink skin on top of beak seems to be almost completely covering them.
    5) Wont drink anything but eats like crazy. I have to float water on top of mash mixture I make for it. I also tube feed it water/antibiotic mixture twice a day.
    6) Has no bad smell at all from infected areas or mouth. Poop looks kinda dry but good I think. Will post a picture

    I have been tube feeding higher dosage of Duramiyacin 10. Also liquid vitamin C in mash every other day. Have been using Terramyacin in eyes for weeks, no change. Wash them daily with warm water, saline, sometimes eye drops.I have used Neosporin many times as well. Have tried bag balm to soften the scabs.
    Its energy did seem to pick up when I first upped the dosage of meds and started vitamin C but is gasping again.
    Does this mean its Coryza? I have read a lot about it all. Can it have both Pox and Coryza? I have found both Ls50 and Tylan at feed store.
    I don't know how to inject it and its fairly thin, but I will go buy one of them if you guys think its gonna do any good. This bird is really trying to live. Its not really improving so far. Here are some pictures of it and what I used so far thanks very much.[​IMG]

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