HELP US IDENTIFY!! Plymouth rock bantam? SO TINY!!!!


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May 19, 2010
Okay so we aquired 2 chicks from my daughter's 1st grade class. They all hatched with in a day or two of each other. We believe we have a White Leghorn Hen (please god) and a Barred Rock Roo (although secretly wishing for a hen). Today we adopted a third chick from those that were born in her class. All the chicks are about 3.5 weeks old but this third chick is SOOOOOOO TINY! Its cute. I believe it is a Barred Rock Bantam???? Could we be lucky and have a BRB Hen?




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The 1st one looks like a girl to me, 2nd kinda looks rooish but is really too young to tell, and the tiny one, I have no experience with bantams AT ALL, but it is significantly smaller, so if I were guessing, I'd say it is a bantam.
It could just be a runt LF out of a smaller egg also. Just a thought. The bantams I have seen dont look as rangey as that chick does. Time will tell

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