Help, What Am I Missing........Poor SweetPea

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    Sweet Pea just started laying eggs last week, she is my Silver Gray Dorking Bantam that stays in the house. She has two friends with her, a silkie hen and a straight feathered Showgirl. I had noticed the week before her one eye socket seemed a little swollen, but nothing really bad. She's been laying an egg a day, but then developed crooked neck all of a sudden! I thought she had hurt her eye and that is why her head was tilting, but now it is full on crooked neck. Her eye is cloudy on the Pupal, so I applied Neosporin to it. I have been dribbling Poultry Nutri-Drench over her beak and have given her some scrambled eggs with a tums mixed in , incase she needs more calcium. Before I was feeding Southern States chick starter, and now have it mixed with my local mills layer. All birds are aprox same age. She will not eat anymore on her own, so I am giving BB formula, scrambled eggs with chickweed sprinkled ontop. I also have the vitamins in her water and dip her beak in it. I am trying to find my Vitamin E. She seemed a little better last night, but worse this morning. She just lays around, when last week she was running around the house.........
    What am I Missing?[​IMG]
    She is aprox 1yr
    Lives in the house, so has not been wormed
    poop - water brown (not been eating much)
    First noticed slightly swollen eye, which seems scratched on pupal
    Other eye clear, no nasal discharge or respiratory distress
    No stuck egg detected
    Color- little pale
    Will stand, sometimes try to eat, but neck curles and then she flips over.
    Lives in playpen on reg woodshaving, no real smell, in my office near window. [​IMG]
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    If she curls her head down and flips over... sounds like brain damage similar to what happens with Silkies....
    did she get "Bopped" on the noggin????

    It usually either gets better pretty fast, or goes downhill fast... We had to put one of our Silkies down due to that, she just did it more and more frequently.... I think they call it Wryneck....
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    Giving 1000 I.U Vitamin E gel capsule......How many per day?
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    She is doing a little better now. She is walking around some and ate a crop full of Baby bird formula from the cup. Her neck seems less twisted, I have been massaging it and giving the vitamins & Vitamin E. Hope it passes. I don't want it to end like my dear Lookout. [​IMG]
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    Wishing you and your sweet Pea the best! [​IMG] (I call my peacock Sweet Pea! LOL)
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    If she improves , and I hope she does, it may help to let her go outside some and get some sunshine and scratch around in the dirt. She may be missing some of her vitamins by not getting to do this. Its just a do on a pretty day...I know mine love to get out.
    I wish you the best with Sweet Pea! [​IMG]:
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    Quote:The vitE/selenium combination combined with the B vitamins can help against permanent neurological damage...
    she may have some bacterial infection (you mentioned swollen eye area) which has crossed the brain barrier (this can happen) and I know of cases in which an antibiotic has been specifically chosen which addresses this possibility. I suggest you put this situation to an avian vet for the correct med.

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