Help? What are these babies?!

Pip's chicks

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Sep 7, 2011
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Hello fellow chicken lovers! I recently purchased a small batch of silkies and was sent 7 other chicks "for warmth." They are suppose to be all males but I am kind of confused because from what I understand it is hard to sex baby chicks? Anyway, I was not expecting these little darlings and have NO clue what kind of breed they may be. They are redish in color with small combs already...straight pink legs with 4 toes. The first little feathers are starting to appear on their wings and are orange with blackish markings. They are sturdy little things and I think they may be a larger type of chicken. Any suggestions? Also is it possible that I have a few females in the batch? Thank you
I'm new at this....can ya tell? LOL
I wish I knew how to post a pic?


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Apr 10, 2011
while i do not know what they are, there are ways to sex chicks, whether it be from a sex-link variety (males will look one way, females will look differently), a variety where one sex will have equal length wing feathers at a day old, and the other sex 2 different lengthed feathers. i'm sure there may be other ways to sex them, but these are the 2 that i know of.

just fyi

males are harder to get rid of, thus they give them as packing peanuts.
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