HELP! What Breed and or Gender too :-)


Jul 31, 2016
Albuquerque NM
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My Coop
Hello. We are new to Byc, and chickens. We where recently given a mystery chick as a gift. He/She is 6 weeks old.
I have some idea that it might be either a Speckled Sussex or a Welsummer. As a young chick, it had the distinguishing brown/tan stripes down the back. I also have a fear that it may be a he because of the large comb and waddles. Another thing this chick tends to do is look to the skies when all the rest of my girls are eating. Also walks around quite erect. Please help us determine the gender and breed of this chick

X2 on above, and it's a little cockerel. Might be a black sex link - the result of a non barred, non white rooster over a CCL hen.
Ah, yes, I forgot to add that you have a little cockerel on your hands.

Mixed breed cockerel, possibly "black sex-link" or "legbar" or whatever. I don't keep track of all these mixes and the names they give them. It's either mixed breed or a specific breed and variety in my mind

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