Help! What is this!?


Feb 19, 2018
East Texas (Longview area)
What is this and what do I do?? Its craw is swollen really big and its mushy to the feel.
Its not acting sick


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It looks like she has been eating well:)

Have you noticed if the crop empties? Is she pooping?
Some chicks do seem to have a bigger appetite than others and the crop size can look alarming. As long as she is drinking/eating well, is active and doing little chickie things with the others, she is fine.

When to worry, is if she stands off to herself acts lethargic and is not interested in food/water.
OK, thank you! Yes she is drinking and pooping, so I guess she's just a little I was afraid it was going to burst

They can be quite piggish at times. It's always a good idea to check and monitor crops, so you are doing the right thing there. Even with my adults, I check their crop function weekly, so I can catch anything going on early (full at night/empty in the morning).

I hope you enjoy your babies! She sure is a cute little thing:)
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