Help! What to do about partially hatched egg over 24hrs?

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    Dec 6, 2010
    Hi, I am new to hatching chicks. Here's the background:

    I had a traumatic experience and lost one of my 2 precious girls to a hawk a couple months ago and became concerned that my remaining hen was lonely. She then happened to go broody and I discussed it with the woman who I got them from originally and she suggested giving Peeper some eggs to hatch out.

    I gave her 6 eggs and beginning Sunday 4/15, 4 of them hatched out. They are adorable :) She loves the babies and it makes me feel sad for the chicks that hatch with no mommy. I love watching them snuggle up to her.

    Here's my problem:
    Of the remaining 2 eggs, one has had a peep hole in it for at least 24 hrs and has not seemed to make much progress since yesterday. Is it possible that the chick is still alive and working at it? When do I know for sure if it didn't survive? The other remaining egg has not even chipped open yet. When do I give up on it? Today is day #22 of her sitting on them and the eggs were mixed variety, if that affects the incubation period.
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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Give it some time. The pipped egg may just be taking a little longer. If you pick it up you may be able to hear chirping and feel movement so you'll know if it's still alive. The same with the one that hasn't pipped yet. Or it could be a dud.


    Oh, and in a few days the hen will venture out with her new chicks. At that point, she'll probably stop trying to incubate the remaining eggs if they don't hatch.
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  3. Ilovemyduckies

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    Feb 21, 2012
    just give it some time. When a chick pips, it will rest for 14 hours or more. Congrats on your chicks, they are ADORABLE :D

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