Help...whats wrong with my blrw hen? Eye infection?

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    I have a blue laced red wyandotte hen thats about a year old. When i bought her i noticed she had a slight scissor beak but acted normal and active.she was kept in quarantine and now in with the flock. This hens stays in the coop all day...only running out in the run to eat or drink. She wont hang out outside at all. She also keeps one eye closed most of the time. I thought another chicken might of pecked her. Their is no pus or anything coming from her eye. I dont know what to do for her...i want her to free range with all the others and not be so scared of everyone. Also i had a hen added at the same time as this one and that other hen already claimed her spot in the pecking order and free ranges with the flock everyday. Please help is this a eye infection and causing her to act like this?if so what do i do for that?
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    Its possibly a little difficult to say, as she could just be scared witless of the other hens. re: the eye issue - you could try getting some eye drops - something like neosporin (or any other triple antibiotic) from a pharmacy (they are meant for humans) and maybe put some vitamin supplements / electrolytes in the whole flocks' water. I'm kinda guessing, but doing this will certainly not do any harm and who knows - it might do the trick.

    Good luck
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    I would get some Vetericyn Eye Wash or the Eye Gel to put into the eye twice daily, and open the chicken's eye gently in case it is stuck together. Bring her outside with you where the others hang out, and sit in a chair to watch the interaction. Having a sore eye that won't open would definitely cause one to be timid. Look inside the eye to make sure that the color and pupil look like the other eye.

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