Help - which is which boys/girls


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6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Please can someone help me! These are Welsummers - 6 weeks old. The one which is red all over was lighter when hatched and we thought was a boy (hence the blue foot-tag). The one with darker feathers and a pattern around the neck, we are assuming is a girl (got 5/7 looking like this). Please - which is which? Have I got it right?!

The second photo looks identical to my Welsummer I raised from day old and she was a she! Her name was Willow and she was by far the smartest of my entire flock. Great egg layer of beautiful dark brown eggs.
Thanks so much - I was pretty sure I had got them right, esp as the 2 roo's were play-fighting each other all the time. I sold 4/5 of the pullets as hens then had a second (awful) thought that I'd sold the wrong sex by mistake!!
Lovely tame birds as reared by hand.

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