HELP!! Wild Canada Goose Nest!!


8 Years
Nov 14, 2011
A pair of wild Canada geese have decided to nest on a silage pile on our property. We have no say in what goes on in the silage pile as someone else owns it and they've rented it out to our neighbours.

This wouldn't be a problem if the people renting the silage pile hadn't been removing the silage every few days and the nest Is right on the edge of it. The next time people remove silage, the nest will be destroyed.
We looked up a rehabilitation centre and all they would do is spray the eggs in oil, killing the goslings.
We've moved the nest somewhere safe, but it's about 75 feet away and I don't think she will find it..
I am able to incubate the eggs but I don't know how long I should wait before deciding to take them.. She hasn't even noticed them yet. It's late April in Canada, so it's still pretty chilly and I'm worried that waiting too long will destroy their chances of survival.. Please help me. I hate taking them away but I really see no other option to save them. :'(
Give her time to find it - you would be surprised how dedicated they are to their eggs. Before you take them make sure it's legal. Here in the states taking eggs or goslings from the wild geese is illegal as is having the goslings/geese without paperwork and there are fines and possibly jail time.
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