Help With a Loud Female Rouen


May 4, 2015
Hi everyone,

I have a 2 four year old rouens and a 2 year old rouen. One of my females (Sour) has recently taken on the habit of non-stop honking and hollering. The other 2 Female Rouens are fine and are pretty quiet. Whenever Sour hears one of us doing anything in the house, she will immediately start up and wont stop for hours. I fear the neighbors will start complaining about the constant noise. Also we took her to the vet in case she might be sick, but everything came back negative. HELP!!!


Jan 5, 2018
kansas city, mo
Try to see if she is bored, our females do the same. Get some bird toys and hang/place them around the areas they go to. Make sure they have food and water (most times this is the problem) and are allowed to play outside. Have a pool where they can swim all day; it does not have to be big, a kiddie pool will be sufficient. Have interesting treats scatter around their area to entice them to forage. These are just some recommendations.


Apr 15, 2018
Central PA
I once had a Pekin duck who was pretty much how you described. Very very loud and obnoxious half of the time lol. We free ranged our ducks at that time and she had a big pond to go swim in, plenty of duck friends, plenty of food, etc. Sometimes I think that's just their personality. She might calm down in the future, but for now I think you just have to deal with it and wait it out lol.


Free Ranging
May 13, 2018
Is it the 2 yr. old that is loud? Is she close to the other two? Have you recently lost any ducks or had a predator nearby?

Daphne (almost 3 yr. old Rouen) gets truly embarrassingly loud at times, but she usually has a reason. Either she’s lonely, hungry, bored, or she has seen something concerning.

After her best bud, Margie, died this summer, we had to add two new friends almost immediately as she was inconsolable (foghorn level loud 24/7 until she became hoarse). These days, she gets loud mostly when her Muscovy friends aren’t listening to what she wants to do or when she wants food. A few days ago, she got stuck on “auto-quack” at a volume of 11 out of 10. It got to the point at which I was a bit annoyed, until I realized that something had stolen her egg, and she had every reason to be upset.

Ah, and one last reason - She goes nuts when she hears wild mallards, especially during mating season. She has dreams of a passionate romance with a mallard drake!

Anyways, could any of these reasons apply in your case?

P.S. I would love to see photos of your Rouens! :)

I honestly get more worried when Daphne is silent. That always means something is wrong!

Last reason, I promise - Daphne also yells when squirrels or chipmunks try to steal her food!


May 4, 2015
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I apologize for not responding back. I am quite embarrassed for not seeing your post at the time.
Update: My loud Rouen is the one in the pool. She has calmed down quite a bit since a few more females friends have been added to the flock. We did lose one of the other Rouen ducks due to illness. She was upset from that. She is a lot happier now that she has more fellow waterfowl to socialize with. Occasionally she will honk to the max to let me know the food is low.


Jul 23, 2019
Good lord ...:gig...I have one Call that never shuts up. It's just who they are..Unfortunately you just have to listen to her...:lau
Call ducks never hubby thought they’d be great because they’re he wants me to rehome a few...I found a home..but if you’d like another noises girl to blast her about playing the radio...I play it in the barn for my ducks and it settles them...

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