Help with a name?


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
Don't got a picture yet but when hubby gets home, I will surtainly get a picture (I need his cell phone)

Anyways, There is one chick that I am LOVING! She is the most amazing entertainer EVER! She loves to jump and "fly" and all that! I will put my hand in the cage and she will jump right into it (not walk up but JUMP from point A to point B) and when I raise my hand up a few (with her still on it) she will "FLY" right off and land on another chick! It's the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!

She is tan in color with light spots on her back. She is almost 1 week old now.

Anyone can think of a name for her? I want to name after some kind of Olympic Gold Medalist or someone famouse with the same "behavior"

Any ideas?
The Olympic gymnast I can think of that your pullet reminds me of is Marilou Retton. Since she likes to "fly" you could always go with Amelia...Earhardt=D
LoLo Jones -- Olympic Track star, amazing athlete that fell at the last Olympics and got back up to finish despite the pain. She's a great role model, she jumps like you describe, and WOW, she's from Iowa too.
And "LoLo" is such a cool "chick" name.

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