help with age and sex EE


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Yes I'm a Newbie
I have chicks/juveniles of different ages pics in my album.
Anyone wanna take a guess at this one?

Not sure whats on the eyelid either
Any guess on age?
With the patchy red feathers and comb he looks like a little rooster. Would guess around 8-10 weeks old. Is that the main eyelid that is hurt or the nictitating membrane / third eyelid? That first picture almost looks like there is something stuck in / under the third eyelid. How long has it has it?
Any seconds on that I cant keep a roster. When do they start to crow???
Im guessing about 8 wks old. Red feathering is typical of males and so is 3 rows of 'peas' on the comb. I'm afraid that is a roo. I have 1 rooster and he just started crowing at 22 wks old, so even if it is a boy, maybe you could keep him awhile??
Its the outside eyelid it was a hard bump almost like a sty when I got him ( ok still hoping girl) but the same color. Just got it on Sunday. The girls kept picking it up out of the bunch and I kept saying no because of the eye. Anyway they got it for free. There was about 25 in the coop. This one was actually the calmest and nicest one and didn't strut. It actually looks like a scab now wasn't sure if I should put something on it. the other eye is fine and no others had anything that looked like it. I'll take a closer look in the morning.
It's been a long time since I've been around chickens and really only did the chores If I had to.The calves and foals were much more interesting back then. If it stays nice maybe neuter???
If you have some ophthalmic ointment, I would go ahead and use it, the eye does look irritated, it could help with the healing and maybe help the scab soften to come off easier if nothing else. Roos often are the boldest, nicest, and tamest chicks, and then the hormones hit. There is a long thread on castrating a cockerel, I've never tried it, tend to eat nasty roosters and no small children around, but other people have tried it and done it successfully either for capons or pet roosters.
My girls aren't little(teens) and we have 3 rock x were planning to butcher. I actually took my nieces and nephew to get a couple of ducks and ended up with 4 more youngsters + the free one and a duck. I'm okay with butchering and they know out of the 16 we have that the roo's will be dinner. I wanted to show them how to grow and raise their own food. Were starting to raise rabbits too. I was just hoping we would at least get 8-10 pullets. I was just going to get laying hens they begged for the babies. I'm just trying to get a handle on learning the breeds and sexing, I keep reading post's and it's still not clicking yet. Some roosters are so cool looking and I seen the post on neutering. I don't mind doing it just want to make sure there actually roosters first.
I really appreciate the feed back. I'll take any info I can get. I have pics in my album if anyone wants to leave any comments.
Thanks everyone.

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