Help with an injured beak - *PIC added*


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Mar 7, 2009
Round Rock
I went out to play with my chickens today, and found that my SLW had broken off the outer layer off the tip of her beak! I have no idea how she did it, as they were penned securely overnight and I thought their cage was chicken-injury-proof.

Now she's sad, and refusing treats that she normally gobbles up. I know it must really hurt her to peck anything!

Is there anything I can do to help her feel better until her beak heals? I am already giving wet mash a couple times a day, as well as plain yogurt.

How long does it usually take for a beak injury to heal? I would estimate about 1/8" of the "quick" is showing at the end of her beak.


ETA: Here's a pic:

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How do I keep it clean? She would freak if I touched her beak!
I've been hand-feeding her grass slivers because it hurts her to break the grass off, herself. She's already on antibiotics due to my bantam needing a course for possible respiratory infection. (They all live together and share water and food dishes.)

I'll keep watching her and hand-feeding her what she will eat (along with wet mash and plain yogurt) and hopefully it won't be so sore after a day or two.
I would think its just like a dog breaking off the nail.. mine does it all the time it heals rather fast.Antibiotics maybe and something to put on her beak to keep it from infecting..In a few days it will start growing back again.. I wouldnt think she would have a lasting affect over it. Its made of the same material as our nails or dog nails, so it will grow back eventually


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