Help with barrel waterer


7 Years
Mar 9, 2012
Lockhart, TX
Ok husband brought home a 50 gal barrel and my son wants to make a gravity water for the chickens, it will flow into a trough he made out of PVC pipe. Ok so we are super dummies here and we can't figure out why it won't stop over flowing. He has tried different hoses, pvc pipes and fittings, he doesn't want to go the nipple route yet
HELP he is super frustrated and everything we have tried has failed. We suck!!! Our brains don't seem to work!!

The pictures are the barrel on its side( he wants it up right when done) and of the trough my son made

Thanks for any help!!

ya we can't figure out where the air can be getting into if that is the reason we also don't have a float would that help even if air is getting into the barrel?

Told you our brains are melting

Thanks for responding
I would think you either need a float or to bring the water trough up so it is equal or slightly above the spout where the water is coming out.
Let me know how it works, I was thinking of adding something like that. It gets hot here and for them to have water at all times would be nice.

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