Help with breed; Texan Pioneers?


Mar 31, 2015
Ardeche, France
Hi all - we bought a house in France earlier this year and inherited a pigeon house with a few pigeons in it. The previous owners told us they are 'Texan' pigeons. I'm guessing they mean the Texan pioneer pigeons. But the only info I can find online shows pigeons of similar but not exactly the same colouring. They do, however, correspond in general size (enormous) and other characteristics. Some have obviously interbred with intruders but the rest are either black and white, brown and white, or more gentle brown/greys. Texan pioneers are supposed to be auto-sexing as far as I can tell with my online research but these don't seem to correspond, other than our single white one. So far we've had both male and female black and white ones for sure. The rest I'm not sure about!! Anybody got any ideas? Here are some pictures:
This is Scarface, so called because he has a massive scar on his front and is a bit sinister:



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They are lovely, and very colourful.

They look similar to my utility king pigeons, although most of mine a white I do have a few red ones and black with white on the wings.

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