help with broody hen and incubator needs


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
I have a broody Pekin hen. SHe has been trying to sit for weeks. Finally, I left her 8 or 9 eggs. I marked them with a marker because she had stolen others and allows EVERYONE in her nest to lay still. I need all the rest to keep laying because I need to incubate in the next few days for a client. NOW...she has allowed another hen to lay WITH her. so, they are both NOT laying, which is a real drag and they are both laying in this nest. She has been incubating for at least a week (going to candle tonight) and I have heard that Pekin hens are not good broody hens.... She tramples the eggs without a thought if you go near and she allows everyone else in and one has already been broken. I hate to destroy the ggs if they are 7-10 days along, BUT, need the other hen to go back to laying AND need to put all the other eggs in the incubator in a few days. I know it would be a disaster to put these in the incubator and then add the other 20 that I need. Should I just destroy the eggs and will they start laying agian immediately? Any thoughts...

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