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Feb 7, 2011
We butchered about 15 birds last week. Process went well. We did the whole process dh cleaned them out and I took in house to final clean up rinse and wrap and put in fridge.
I took one out of freezer (as I posted the other day) it was yellow. I put in crock pot and cooked. The smell was not appitizing DH said it was fine but I was cautious. We did eat it he said it was good and kids said it was good but my mind was some where else I couldnt even eat it.

So here is the process
DID we do something wrong dh has butchered before chickens deer cow etc

dipped in hot water for feather removal
quick dip in cold water
brought in house for further washing and wrapping and refridgerated

So any thoughts advise on the yellow chicken???
I am stumped and not sure what to do with the other 14 in the fridge

thank you so much for your time
It may have been someting about that one bird...I can't answer your question, but I have had a similar experience: I was cutting the breast meat off a cornish x and about an inch into the meat, it was green!
It was green from an inch into the muscle all the way down to the rib cage. It might have been bruising, but
I could not eat it, so I tossed it in the woods. I don't think it would have hurt me, and I doubt the yellow chicken could be harmful, but still...
ewww yes green is not good hahha. I am thinking maybe because I didnt soak them in ice water for hour prior to packaging??? I dont know

Thank you for replying
Are you talking about the skin being yellow or the meat? Yellow skin is fine, in fact I think Tyson brags about that with their chicken. The weird smell would concern me though. Did it smell rotten or just chickeny?
skin was yellow. It didnt smell rotten just weird hahah specially when cooking. IDK we ate it and are still living but just concerned me.
Do they have to be soaked in a brine ice water prior to packaging???

The skin should be yellow!

I had a hard time eating our first few just because it was so weird that we'd raised them, butchered and now we were eating them.. just like the eggs at first too!
Yellow skin is absolutely normal. Yellow meat, not so much. Maybe the wierd smell is just because you are used to store chickens and not homegrown ones; chickens you raise yourself get different food and living conditions.
Agreed, yellow skin is normal. Yellow livers on the other hand would not be the norm. Generally that would mean too much fat. It wouldn't be harmful to eat, but it means the chickens are eating too much of items like corn and scratch grains. I hope you can get past some of these things you experienced or weren't used to, so you can enjoy dinner #2.
I have always bought farm raised chickens but usually they are a cream color. But mine were more free range maybe the ones I was buying we more "cooped up" so to speak. We will see what chicken number 2 brings hahaha
Thanks for all the help.

Do you all soak your chickens before wrapping them???

thank you
god bless

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