Help with Chick not able to walk!

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    Well one of my broodies hatched out a all black chick that is not able to stand. It wont bring its leg under him it only lays flat the toes wont uncurl. Once I have a second to post a pic I will!

    I am wondering if this is even fixable? Or if its best to put the chick down and not suffer.

    Okay here is the pictures I got not the greatist. Both feet are curled into tight balls, It can't sit, or stand just lays on its belly or on its back. It will push its self around. This chick is not even a day old poor baby? Should I get Riboflavin? I heard that might cause this. Or should I flatten and make a brace to keep the toes straight? Also should I make a splint for walking could the not standing be a case of sprangled leg?

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