Help with Dutch coloring please!

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
I LOVE the color of my roo. I was looking on some websites and need some help. He's a TSC bird so I don't expect pure or perfect coloration anyways. He sorta looks like two of the color names I saw on feathersite. Can someone help? (not the OEGB, but the one in the back)

And one more question, is this splash hen a OEGB or a dutch? How would you tell the difference?

More pics here:

Thank you!
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I am not sure I am new to the chicken thing but I would say it is a Cream Light Brown Dutch Bantam from the pic I have looked at . I think your hen is oegb how you tell is the ear lobe is white on a dutch
I agree, OEGB have red earlobes, dutch have white. But I have splash hens in both breeds, and my dutch has similar markings to yours. I don't know if the breed has anything to do with it though.

OEGB splash hen:

Splash dutch hen:


Daughter again:

How old is your girl? I think it takes the earlobes a little while to get their color, unless they are red, of course
Alright. I knew about the white ear lobes, but didn't know if maybe the color would have some effect on that. If I remember right (since you can't tell from the pick really), she does have a bit of that silvery purple on the ear lobe like they do before they turn all white. It's been a while since I really paid any attention to it. I'll check tomorrow

I believe I got these guys near the end of April.

I also thought maybe the Cream Light Brown for the roo. Doesn't sound like a very official color name, haha
Is there a way to tell without breeding if a roo is het or cream(igig)? Have a roo out of unknown background(mutt, no dutch involved.. out of shipped eggs) I can't tell if he's a split or cream. If he's het, he will be culled out but if cream.. might be tempted to breed him to keep the gene in the flock..
I agree heterozygous S/s+. Homozygous wild type, gold, and cream would not have that much white in the wing bay.

But then again he could be cream. I would not bet money on it.

Hmmm. I don't know anything about chicken genetics, haha. So far the only little hens I have for the Dutch and the OEGB, are the splash hen in the picture, and a few BB red OEGB hens. What kinds of coloration could I expect out of the two roos with the hens? I don't show so I'm not too particular on perfect looking colors, I just love these little chickens
But knowing what I might get will help ease my curiosity, haha.

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