Help with Ecoglow 20...please ;)


May 12, 2015

I hatched 8 chicks last Wednesday...a mix of Americauna, Delaware and Plymouth Barred Rock.

They are in their brooder now with a heat lamp. I was finding it very hard to maintain a steady temperature as here in Canada our weather is confused whether it is still winter or if we are moving on to spring and summer.

The babies are inside at all times.

So anyway, I ordered an Ecoglow 20 and it arrived in the morning today. I have it plugged in on its own just to make sure it is working.

Does anybody know

1)How long before it is heated up enough to go in with the babies?

2) Am I ok to remove the heat lamp right away?

3) What if the babies don't want to go under it?

4) When will I know if it is okay to raise the heater?

Thanks so much!
I never used a lamp with mine and they came from the feed store. I just plugged it in before i left and it was plenty warm when I came home. I put them under it and they stayed there until they were hungry. But so you know they dart in and out all day so don't worry too much if you see them hanging out not under it. As long as you see they know to go under it then they should be fine. I hope this helps

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