Help with feeding different aged ducks/ducklings please??


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May 3, 2016
I've got older ducks (1y+) outside and I've got a couple ducklings (2 weeks) inside still under the light, hopefully going outside next week or so.
The older ducks are on Fancy Feed (Protein 15.5%; Oil 4.5%; Fibre 4%; and Ash 6%); the ducklings were on chick crumbs but typically should be progressing onto growers pellets, what would the complications be if i fed the ducklings the fancy feed? (as the only growers pellets i can get my hands on is 20kg which is way to much for a two ducklings) What exactly are growers pellets do they have high protein? Could i just add ground dried maggots etc to the ducklings feed?
Also when they go outside they will be in with the older ducks, and i wont be able to stop them eating each others food. And what would be the complications of feeding older female ducks growers pellets? Just trying to figure out the best option? They are just pet/garden ducks.

Thanks you :)
Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

What it doesn't state about your fancy feed is how much calcium. Can I figure your chick crumbs are unmedicated? It's my understanding that ducklings shoud be fed 22% protein for first 2 weeks, if lower than that they should stay at higher protein (18-20%) for 4 weeks before switching.

Since I have a flock of all ages and genders, mostly chickens but ducks are coming... I feed Purina Flock Raiser which is 20% protein with only 1% calcium. Too much calcium in non laying birds *can* cause problems. It's called flock raiser because it also is for ducks and other birds as well as meeting the basic need for all ages IF you provide oyster shell on the side for the layers.

I find the terms starter and grower to be very confusing. One labed starter has only 18% while another brand has 22%. What is important is nutrient levels, specifically protein. But ducks need more niacin than chickens, so those using chicken feed usually add brewers yeast, which comes in different strengths if you buy at the feed store verses human grade. I don't know if the ducklings need it added to chick starter or if it already has extra in it for growing babes. But if you start to see week legs or other issues be sure and check for that.

Again, my duckilngs are still coming so my experience is very limited. I would think it would be more beneficial to feed them all the slightly higher protein while the ducklings finish growing and then switch them all back after they are ready or you run out of your next bag. Seems to me like it would effect the older girls less than to get a little extra than the growing with diminished nutrients. Sometimes it's not about perfection, but a happy medium. :old

Always do what makes sense to you, no ,matter what someone else says. And ALWAYS get a second opinion on what feed store employees advise. While they are well meaning they are often misinformed with little to no animal experience of their own.

Best wishes! :)
I just feed all mine Purina Flock Raiser. This includes/has included ducklings, ducks, chicks, chicken hens, and roosters. I don't worry about changing protein levels and offer oyster shell on the side for those in lay. Ducklings get brewers yeast added to their feed. My older birds get more treats in the form of fruits and veggies so their overall diet balances out to less protein. Mine also free range so there is no real way for me to completely control the levels anyway.

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