Help with Flock Record System, Please!!!


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Jul 3, 2010
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Ok, so I have no flock record keeping system so far.... I can easily see where I need one though. I'm losing track fast of dates of hatch, etc. I have no leg bands to identify birds, and am thinking it would be better to have bands with numbers than simply colors. Is this your experience?
I need the simplest, most economical way to efficiently record lots of data. I have approximately 100 birds, buy and sell chicks to adults, sell eggs locally. and plan to sell hatching eggs and chicks via online auctions by next year. I also have two breeding projects going (developing lav australorps and mille fleur cochins) which the record keeping system would hopefully allow me to document parentage, and upload photographs.
If the system would allow me to print receipts, that would be even better.
I need tips on what kind of i.d. bands to use on the birds (I have birds from tiny bantams to full size turkeys and shamo fowl) and where is the most economical place to purchase them. This is a very genuine request for help. I do not want to start out the wrong way only to find that I need to transfer to a different set up. You may pm me if you like. Appreciate all responses. Thank you so much!!


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May 4, 2009
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For all that you are asking to keep trake of i dont know if i could help. On the leg bands I would use just simple color bands for the year of hatch this way when they start laying you know about how old they are and what year they were hatched. As for the rest of it I dont know. I have mine set up with 7 heated brooders and cages. Mine move from brooder to brooder weekly. Brooder 1, day olds.... Brooder 2, week olds... Brooder 3, 2 week olds.... ETC. At 7 weeks of age they move to the cages until 14 weeks old, moving from cage to cage weekly. Then I have pens outside that I label the pen as to what week they are. At 20 weeks I put a color band on them and move them to the breeding pen if i am keeping them. I keep a white erase board in my brooder house to track what breed and how many is in each brooder or cage. So far we love this system! It has cut down on a crap load of digging for certain birds and a whole lot of guessing as to age. I only keep one rooster in a pen for the year unless I am having problems with that rooster so I can right down what year which rooster was in the pen and i pretty much know from the colored leg band who is daddy of the hens. I hope this helps you!
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I bought some plastic leg bands with numbers and easy to put on and off. Each hen has their own number which I can list them on the book and be able to find which lines they come out of etc. Worked well for me!


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Feb 5, 2008
Hey, this is Gena. The leg bands that I use are called spirals. I put one color on the chicks that hatch in the same clutch. You could put a number on one leg and a color on another. A lot of ppl do that.

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