Help with gender


Dec 24, 2015
Hello! I have five babies I hatched and raised from a friend with a mixed flock (Easter Eggers, silkie, and americaunas that I know of) . They have been such a Joy! I had no idea chickens could be so smart and interactive and fun! Now we are wondering if we have pullets/cockerels. In our area we can only keep hens and I'll be sorry to see any of them go. I've read through the posts and it seems these Easter Eggers are hard to determine, I will ad that we flipped them all over and all of them fan their tail feathers. None have three row combs, they are all single and seem to be developing just now. The oldest is three months, the youngest two are 10 weeks. There are times the side view looks very male and then other times they seem to have a hen shape. Argh this is difficult! The oldest has no redness in the comb at all, even now at three months it is just developing a comb at all, and it matches the blue/dark feet in color. I have photos of all but I'll start w the oldest. Any input is much appreciated!

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