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    Apr 4, 2018
    Hello this is my first and only time incubating eggs (as they will be pets) I have 4 chicken eggs I was told from the farm turn once every 2 days now I'm reading to turn a lot more than that...I'm on day 22 so to late now to change anything but I'm worried because they haven't hatched and there is no movement. I am also worried as my incubator does not tell me the humidity level I'm topping up the water daily as it's just a 7 egg incubator (cheap) but i keep seeing to turn the level uo on day 18 but how do i do that on something like this that doesn't tell me the level or allow me to change it? I tried putting a wet sponge in there as I saw a tip to do that but it dried out sooo quick. Am I to late to save them anyone have any advice? U have pictured incubator iv just topped uo the water

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    I think the drops are on the glass is not normal. Humidity is too high. The shell does not let air into the egg and the embryo could die
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    Is there definitely a viable embryo? Have you candled them to make sure they are still alive?
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    Im sorry
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    :eek: :hugs sorry they arent likely to hatch.

    Do what you can to lower the humidity so there arent water droplets on the lid. Or if there are it should be thin enough you can still see through it. That would be about 70% humidity and all you would need for the last 3 days. :hugs
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    Once every two days? This is completely incorrect. 5 times every single day is best for them. I'm sorry but your hatch may not go too well.

    As @Dmitrys said, the droplets in the incubator aren't normal and indicate that the humidity is way too high.

    You need to candle them to see if they are still alive :hmm. Did you candle them part way through?

    :hmm :fl
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