Help with Jug in heated water bowl...


Mar 11, 2018
So I got the bowl and jug. I put a hole right near the bottom of jug.

I thought you could fill that jug and water would come out as needed, but that is not happening. Instead it keeps coming out and overflows, then I'm left with about a quarter in the jug. When I refill the jug in the bowl, it overflows again.

What the heck am I doing wrong? The chickens love it and are going through the water quick. There is no way it will last a half day.
This is a good case where some photos of your water "jug" setup would be helpful so we can actually see what the problem could be and advise you. Right off, without actually seeing it, I would guess your hole at the bottom of the reservoir is not placed at the proper level.

When you take the photos, place a ruler alongside so we have an idea of scale and can estimate where the opening should go.
Alright bowl is about 2 inches deep and hole in jug is at one inches.

I needed to also see where you drilled the hole in the reservoir. But I'm guessing you made it too high and too large. It needs to be on the very lip as shown in my first photo.

The size of the dish is also important. It shouldn't be so much larger in diameter than the mouth of the reservoir jar.

The photo with the larger dish shows that the level of the water in the dish will rise no higher than the top of the hole in the jar if the hole is right at the edge of the jar opening.

Back to the drawing board, my friend!


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Looks better, but it's crucial where you place the hole where the water spills from the jug. It cannot be in the center of the bottom or too large and high on the side. You need to place the hole so it forms an upside-down "U" where the edge of the jug comes into contact with the dish.

Water seeks its own level so the higher up you place the hole, the higher up the water level in the dish will be. And as @imnukensc pointed out, it has to be air tight up at the top or atmospheric pressure will push all the water out of the jug.
So what if I want the water level to stay as high as the bowl? But if I do the edge where if touches it will be way lower
If you want the level of water to be an inch high in the dish, then the top of the hole in the jug should be an inch from the bottom of the dish. In my photos, to see a closeup, click on the arrow in the upper right corner, then click on the photo again as it comes back up. It will be a zoom version. You will be able to see the hole I made on the very edge of the cup. Like a little cave entrance in a sea cliff where the sea goes in and out with the tide.

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