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    Mar 22, 2016
    I know some of you whitewash your coops and some old-timers have experience with whitewash in general (hopefully some of you will see this!) so maybe I can get some help. I whitewashed the inside of my coop yesterday using a water/lime/salt recipie. It dried white and didn't rub off with my finger (only did one coat and was letting it dry with the door open) however when I went out to the coop this morning it looked like I had just painted! It was all translucent again! I think it was the dew. But how in the world did anyone use a basic limewash on fences and stuff if the dew re-wets it all. Anyone know if this is normal? Or can tag anyone who might know?
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    Sorry, I don't know, but...have you tried a search yet?
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