help with pigeons breeding


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6 Years
Aug 4, 2013
I have 9 pigeons and I want to get them to breed. How do I set up a breeding cage?how do I tell homing pigeons males from females?
Hi put two opposite sex pigeons together if they fight put them in two cages instead where they can see but cannot get to each other when you feel they're getting along put them again together about sexing I don't know how to tell you but with experience you'll distinguish between them you can't tell for sure from the first time!
You can always just put them all in together and see who picks who! They will pair off by themselves and if you want to switch them up later! I rarely pair birds up....I just let them pick out who they want to be with....Most of people who show birds think I'm nuts but who knows maybe the pigeons know who best is their mate.

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