help with sexing these wyandottes


14 Years
May 22, 2007
Just outside Okc Oklahoma
roos? all of them roos?oh no.........can someone help me sex these birds...........the one small blue behind the big one in the one pic is the only one without wattles.......and is quite small.......but I cannot seem to sex the darker ones......all have same wattles and tail feathers so far..... please don't tell me I only have one hen


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My Wyans hardly had any comb or wattles at all until they were quite a ways toward laying age. I'm not seeing but one girl there either...hope I'm wrong!
Im' watching and reading with interest.
A friend of mine and I ordered 10 Straight run BLRW from McMurray (yes I know hatchery birds) but we are still very excited.
they only sell them straight run.
a few questions,
what age are the chicks above?
and would that be about the age I should be able to tell if I have boys/girls.
ie what age should I start posting pictures! <G>

and her healthy 2 week old McMurray chicks!
I see an awful lot of roos too. You can tell by the leg thickness as well. The pullets legs are clearly thinner.

What sex did they sell them as? You might be lucky you got even one pullet. Since you got them at an auction somebody was probably just getting rid of their excess roos.
I have three BLRWs hatched on Valentines Day and the day after. Two have red combs developing and one has a flat orange spot. I'm right with you Okie, crying over the roo to hen ratio!!

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