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May 18, 2010
Hi! I have a chick who is about 3-4 days younger than the other 3. She was near death after birth and had to seperated from the others and nursed back to health by me. I just love her to death and she is a sweetheart. She is about 2 1/2 weeks old now. I have tried to reincorporate her with the other chicks and it just doesn't work, they peck at her, bully her and won't let her near the food/water area. It breaks my heart but I want her to be around the others and not lonely/seperated. She is completely normal and healthy now, her only different feature is only one of her eyes opens. Any advice on how to reintroduce her and the others successfully?? Thanks!!

crazy chook

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Apr 8, 2010
Langwarrin, Victoria
I have a bantam white wyandotte chick that I introduced to 9 black australorp chicks at two week old, They are twice her size and being the only white chick she stood out amongst the back chicks. I was told that I could turn all the black chick into cannibals by introducing a white one to them but they get along fine.

I separated the brooder into two sections with flyscreen wire and kept them separate for a few days but they could see each other. I did move the heat lamp so that it was more over her side of the brooder so when they all slept it was up against the barrier next to her, so she slept with them. After the first day I put just one chick in with her just for extra company. By the end of the week they were all in there together but I did take them outside for a run every day and I guess it depends on how much room they have.

I have sold 7 of the chicks and are keeping 3, they are all 7.5 weeks old now and live happily outside in a pen alongside the big girls.

Good Luck with your little one, You could even give her a mirror and a cuddly toy to sleep with. I am sure she will be a gorgeous chicken.

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