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Apr 26, 2015
My broody bantee successful hatched one egg last night and we rushed the baby chick inside to get under a heat lamp. She is doing fine so far. I checked her other egg this morning in 30 degree weather and could hear the chirps and pecks from inside the egg. I brought the egg inside and put it under a 100 degree heat lamp because of the cold weather. I heard it chirp several times throughout the day but haven't heard anything for the last few hours. It has been about 14 hours since I first heard the chirps and about four hours since I last heard them. How long should I give this egg to hatch? Should I have just left it under Mom instead of bringing it in? THis is m first batch of babies.
THanks for an help.
It probably would have been best to leave it under mom - they don't require just heat but also humidity to hatch, and it might have shrink wrapped with the lack of humidity. Do you also have a thermometer under the lamp so that you know for a fact it's 100 degrees? It might be too hot or too cold otherwise. You might at this stage want to intervene if you haven't heard any peeping in four hours and it was peeping before. Here's a guide that you can follow:

If the chick seems fine when you investigate and doesn't appear shrink wrapped it would probably be best to put it back under the hen. The chick can go back under her too - she will be happy to raise it, and that way if anything happens to this egg you won't be stuck raising a lone chick.
Thanks a ton for the feedback. Should I put the hatched one back under her even though its getting down in the 30s at night and the high during the da is about 70?
It should be fine - Hens are very warm and burrowed under her feathers at night it will be nice and toasty. I've had hens raise chicks here mid-January and they did fine, even with all the snow and cold. 70 during the day is fine for chicks. If you're worried you could also provide a heat lamp outside for the chick to scoot under if it gets too chilly - I'm raising chicks right now out in my coop with only a heat lamp for warmth and they are fine.
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