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9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
I'm in the process of building some breeder pens in addition to my 2 coops and I need some advice on what waterers or feeders would be helpful. I like the little cup looking auto waterers any pros or cons on those. Please any advise or recommendations would be nice.
We use cup waterers, nipple waters and pop bottle founts for all but one waterer. We like them all better than traditional founts. Easier to fill and water stays clean. Only use the one traditional because it's a commercial heated one, we already owned it and it currently works.

Cup or nipple systems depending on your set-up/installation can be trickier in winter. I personally don't use any water additives (vitamins, medications, etc.) in cup or nipple systems with tubed runs. I have in cup or nipple bucket systems and certainly in the pop bottle waterers.
I want to build multiple breeding pens this Spring, and was thinking about a PVC Pipe Feeders and Waterers...I want them to be on the outside so I can refill everything from the outside of the pen(s).
My only real complaint I guess you would say with PVC is if it's done in long tracks or pvc all the way even to the reservoir it's more of a pain to adjust for different heights/ages of birds. Around here, a breeder pen after it's served it's purpose as such, the breeder's might be returned to the main flock and then it's used to house some juvies. After they're a little older and selections are made it might go back into service as a breeder pen, a broody house, an isolation pen, etc. So the occupants heights may change drastically every other month or so. If the pvc is just a couple feet where the nipples or cups are it's not a problem, but a more permanent set-up is harder to change around. I like to be able to easily readjust the height. May not apply to your set-up, but something to think about if it might.
I am a big fan of water cups and nipple waterers. They do not take up much space and allow for easy watering.
Avery makes a good point about different ages. You could set lower level nipples for younger chickens and water cups for older chickens.
im also trying to save space in my breeder pens and i think im going to go with pvc feeders, or get those wall rabbit feeders, not sure which route to go. as far as waterers go, what are cup waterers? i dont think ive seen any pics of those?
Thanks for the links. Just be careful with Cutler Supply. I ordered from them and never received my shipment. I called a month later and they said they have just not shipped it yet. It never came.
I've never ordered from them, so no personal experience. I know lot's of places certain things come directly from the manufacturer. Cage parts from Randall Burkey took almost 3 mnths once. Those items IME often hold up, sometimes for several weeks, at least that portion of my order. Never hurts to email and check if it's an instock item before order.

I ordered a 15 or 20 cup quail breeder cage set-up and and bought extra tubing at the hardware store. I think from Smith's Poultry maybe??? Gave me plenty of parts for my usage and shipped pre-assembled. Easy to see what went where and did what for re-assembling to my needs. I have some of the cups installed directly into buckets and pop bottle tops as well.
To me, so far, it's 64oz. "Water Wells" for the win. $9 or so from Tractor Supply. 7-lb size (the 10's impossible to put together!) "Harris Farms" feeder from TSC also. I'm very new to chickens, the land owner's "throw the feed onto the dirty coop floor and put water in a dog dish" methods were not doing it for me. I needed something that works and I needed it immediately.

I am amazed how well these work!

For the feeders, I hang 'em from a string, and I made "lids" from the bottom half of a gallon milk jug for the tops, to keep poo and sparrows etc., out. Careful placement (what perches up, will poop down) will result in a SQUEAKY CLEAN feeder! The "Water Wells" are 1/2 gallon hamster bottle type waterers, built like little tanks and made in the US even.

I'm sure it's possible to build things that are better, but if you need something that works, STAT, I can sure recommend these.

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