Help! Wrong End Pip???


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9 Years
Jan 16, 2011
North Willamette Valley
Will a chick make it out if the pointed end is pipped??

Looks like two of 7 are doing that.

I've got another 17 due Saturday/Sunday - should I adjust there positions before then? They went into lock-down last night.
I had one this week that pipped from the bottom. Took it awhile to get down to business after pipping but finally did it. I had mine in an egg carton to hatch and if I hadn't had so many already hatched and pipping I would have maybe taken it out of the carton and put it on it's side on the wire floor of the bator. But it did come out fine.

Good luck with yours.
I have one right now the same way! It started pipping last night and was moving quite a bit. Now, it's very still and no more progress. I'm afraid he's not gonna make it.

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