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Oct 17, 2014
my chickens have all come down with coughs! They are also sneezing and having trouble breathing. This happened yesterday, and I have already lost 10!! :( they are dying off SO fast!!!! What can I do to save the rest that I have???
Fresh clean water with electrolytes and extra vitamins and some oregano, thyme and dill. Thyme and dill help with respiratory illness and mucous membranes, oregano is natural antibiotic and immune booster helps fight e.coli, coccidia, salmonella and avian flu...With such a fast illness you may be able to save the strongest birds, but if they're dying that quickly ya might want a necropsy of one of Dead birds to see definitive cause.
Respiratory infections hit hard and fast in flock..You can use tetracycline or tylan from feed store if you prefer meds to herbal remedies
How much tylan 50 do I give? Also, do i inject it or give if in the mouth??? here's a helpful link on dosing. You can give the injectable by mouth or injection...It's 1/2 cc per day for 5 days for large fowl and 1/4 cc for bantams. There are different opinions on dosing for poultry as injectable is off label for chickens...The powder has directions for poultry on it. It is 1tsp per gallon of water I believe, but the link has all info you need for dosing.

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