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Apr 19, 2017
Sipsey, Alabama
I'm sure it has been covered in another thread but I've looked and looked and cannot find anything.

We have a 3 month old mallard. I was feeding chick starter feed along with my babies. I was just informed that she needs to go to a fowl diet so I started her on Flock Raiser.

1st she does not quack or make any other noises since being placed in her new nesting area. Before going outside she would "whistle" to me and I would whistle back, now nothing.

2nd, all of the sudden she freaked me out because I went out to let them all out and feed them and she couldn't get up. When she did it seemed she had something wrong with her foot. I immediately checked her feet for injuries or bumbles and nothing there, no swollen parts, nothing at all. I bought a little kiddie pool for her to swim and she can't or won't even get into it and she loves the water. Have I done something wrong or not done something correctly?
You say let them outside? How many other ducks and how many drakes? have you noticed any one paying special attention to her she is really too young to be mating at 3 months old. Could be a drake being overly aggressive or someone picking at her . Any feathers missing from her head or wings?
She could also be adjusting to new things. Sounds like the new nesting area and pool may be making her cautious. My girls took a couple days to warm up to a new pool, and then went "off" the pool for days when my BF put a ball in it...even after I took it out. She could just be adjusting to changes.
Miss Lydia, when I say them, I mean all of my babies, lol. I also have 13 hens and a roo and a clutch of 7 new baby chicks. The ducks nest is not solitary but I also have a mama hen that tries to attack poor Quackers every time she leaves the nest. Someone at the local co op yesterday told me it could be a niacin deficiency with her leg but still no reason as to why she isn't making any noises.
If she is being picked on by hens or a hen tht can cause a lot of stress. I would make her an area where she is still within view of the others but they can not interact. Stress can cause depression and illness so if at all possible I'd keep her away from mama hen. I have a few mama hens right now that go after my ducks but they are able to get away from them pretty quick. Also wouldn't hurt to put some Nutritional yeast over her feed for added B vits. she would need 1 tab per cup of feed.

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