1. Mamasea

    Mamasea In the Brooder

    Feb 6, 2018
    About 3 Days ago my dads small yorkie took a bite of feathers out of my buff Orpington’s fluffy butt. I thought it was just feathers... today I can tell it’s worse than I thought and it looks infected... like she got more than feathers.

    Since her feathers are missing, she can’t get on the roost to stay warm so I put her up there with everyone at night and she jumps down in the morning.

    I noticed while putting her on the roost, her skin looks infected and there appears to be pus :(

    What can I do for her? Our vet doesn’t do chickens. Can you purchase antibiotics somewhere?
  2. Butterscotchbitesfinger

    Butterscotchbitesfinger Chirping

    Nov 2, 2018
    Go into the closest pet needs store and tell them infections for chickens they should have something for you......
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  3. andreanar

    andreanar Crowing

    May 16, 2014
    Upstate NY
    Hold up! LOL. First, can you get your hen and wash off the area. Clean her area with soap and warm water. Then post a photo of what you see. Also, describe what you see once its cleaned up.
  4. Eggcessive

    Eggcessive Crossing the Road

    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    A picture certainly would help. I agree with getting the infected area cleaned. Some possible things to use are Vetericyn, chlorhexidene and water, weak betadine, or soap and water. Plain saline works well, once the pus is gone. Apply plain antibiotic cream such as Neosporin twice a day until it is healed. The other chickens may peck the wound, so it might be best to place her in a dog crate with her own food and water, and keep her inside the coop with the other chickens, so she can remain with them. Make sure there are no other puncture wounds.
  5. BarnhartChickens98

    BarnhartChickens98 Chirping

    Oct 28, 2018
    How high is your roost, a loss of tail feathers should not affect your hen getting on the roost, right?
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