Mar 30, 2018
My hen sat in the nesting box today but never laid. She has been known to lay huge eggs, so I went out a little bit ago, and I thought I felt an egg. I got everything set up just in case and brought her in. I’ve palpated her gently, and now I’m not sure. :( I don’t want to give her calcium and treat her if it isn’t needed. What should i do?

She just had a normal bowl movement, and she’s acting normal.
She’s 13 months old. She has been laying fine recently, but earlier this year she had some issues where she was laying soft-shelled eggs. She laid a huge soft-shelled egg once with a normal egg inside. Crazy. Her crop is full, and she is drinking.
Definitely not new to laying, then. This is a nerve-wracking time, we do understand!

It is tempting to just let her be if she is acting normally, as no chicken lays every single day. I have one lady that goes in the box, acts like she is laying, and sings her song, only lays 1/3 of the time (drama queen).

If you are definitely worried (and it sounded like you are) I would start with a manual exam. Glove and lubricate, check inside her vent and see if she is egg-bound. We haven't had one get bound at that age, but our flock is all less than 28 months old.

@Eggcessive, I summon thee!
I appreciate your help. :) I will palpate her. I will keep her in and keep a close eye on her as well. I may just be being paranoid.
I forgot to mention her abdomen feels a little firm to me. But I will check her crop in the morning as well. Thank you.
She is probably not egg bound if she is pooping. Just guessing that she may have some sort of reproductive problem since she has had some soft eggs in the past. I would check her crop again in the morning to see if it has wmptied.

I woke up this morning, and Olive had laid her egg. :) There was a bunch of, what looked like, egg whites under the egg when I picked it up. She may have had it stuck. Thanks for your help!

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