10 Years
Oct 9, 2009
My chicken, Moxie, won't leave the roost. Her rear is very swollen and is very red. She has some diarrhea and is leaking a clear/white liquid substance, almost like egg white. She is not interested in food, yogurt or water. What is wrong with her?
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That sounds like egg-holding to me. Get some nice, warm water, olive oil, and a towel. You may want plastic gloves. What I did when our hen had this was I soaked her a little in the water, maybe with some Epsom salt. Massage her rear, maybe even let her walk around a little. The main thing is to help her RELAX. It seems that she has a broken or partially formed egg inside her; she needs to get that out. If there is a shell, it complicates matters and makes it even more serious. Use olive oil on your finger and around her vent to try to get some of the white, yolk, and/or shell out. You may have to stick you finger inside her vent, too. There are two "openings" inside. I think the reproductive opening is the top one. She is in pain, so be very gentle and calm.

I hope someone who knows more about this can help. I hope your girl's OK!
Moxies still not doing well. We soaked her butt and have been using a warm compress. She now has what looks like her internal parts hanging out the hole.They look like two round things about the size of walnuts? Thanks soo much for your help. I really hope she pulls thru. She still has some white and clear discharge.
Moxie was, indeed, egg-bound and she prolapsed. Not a good day for one of the Mother Cluckers, but she is no longer suffering.

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