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    Aug 24, 2010
    We started purchasing chickens several months ago and all was fine. I purchased some americaunas at a local poultry auction ( never again) and they were fine for a week, then one of them began to have a matted and closed eye. She wouldnt eat or drink, so I nursed her for a couple of days and cleaned her eye with erythromycin in her eyes. She perked up and I continued to keep her away from others. Several others have fallen in line with her and now have nasty eyes. you can see small bubbles at times and they eyes look very small in relation to the other chickens eyes and what normal looks like. There is no odor and i can see some small clear discharge from the nostrils. I began treating the flock with duramycin per recommendations from the feed store 8 days ago and they are eating and moving about like they are fine, but one still has a nasty eye and the others eyes are very small and not normal looking. They behave normally and are in a seperate pen from the other chickens. I am not sure what to do at this point. Should I keep them on antibiotics for a longer period of time and continue to treat them all, send the few onto the chicken farm in the sky or what??? I have been researching and reading and cannot find a picture that shows how their eyes look or any thing that is exactly like what they have. There is no odor, it is clear and after antibiotics they are up and about and eating.
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    Sorry, but nobody will respond to your emergency with a title like "help!!!!" Read the sticky on the top of the page by terrielacy for better ways to title your emergency...
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