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11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
i have one baby chick recieved them on march.11 one chick seems to have trouble standing on the right side it does stand for a few minutes then falls over eating and drinking well anyone have an idea what it is thank you:)
I had a little chick that was doing fine but then started walking less they said this was spraddle leg. So I tied his legs togather for a week and now he walks fine. Make sure the rope is not to tight.

Good luck
where did the chicks come from?
does the chick have any tremors?

are you giving vitamins?
how many chicks?
what temp is the brooder?

any pink, or red in the droppings?
any loose or pasty droppings?
any mustard color droppings?

might be a good idea to divide the brooder, put this chick and one other together..
make sure this chick is eating..
could just be weak.
could have a vitamin deficiency..(B vitamins)..
if you are not giving chick vitamins get some Polyvisol liquid childrens' vitamins..give 1 drop in beak once a day for a week..see if it helps.
hopefully it doesn't have AE

will wait for reply to above questions.

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