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    Mar 7, 2013
    Ok, these two chickens are from a hodge podge pen at the Tractor store. They were left over from a chicken extravaganza, and very confusingly marked. There is no way they are exactly the same breed, because one is MASSIVE, despite not even having her tail feathers yet. Her wings are not the same shape as my others, and her feet are like N.B.A. players compaired to the rest. Her wings are smaller and shaped differently. Is she a leghorn and the rest are something else, or are my other chickens leghorns, and she is a??? Right now she's kind of the ugly duckling. (but sweet as all get out) Really likes to sit. Guess she's practicing her egg-laying skills! ;-)

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    Darn it, she may be a meat breed that grows a lot faster than the egg laying breeds. I have read that they are sweet chickens, but they tend to have health problems because they are bred to grow so fast. The poor thing might like to sit because her legs hurt carrying that extra weight around.
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    X2 it's probably a Cornish cross. They get huge extremely fast and don't live very long because of this.

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