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    Jan 7, 2015
    Hello New Yorkers,

    I am in Brooklyn, and I recently purchased some baby chicks in Nov, thinking this guy knew what he was doing when I said I wanted Laying Hens he said he owned a farm and he could help, I purchased chicks that ended up being two roosters, I am not allowed to have roosters in New York (brooklyn) and before they find their voice and start to make noise I hope someone can help me.

    If you are interested in roosters, mine are vary handsome and they are very sweat, they are held all the time by the kids, the cats just like to stare at them and the dogs, well, they peck the dogs but they are not bad they are just protecting themselves.

    I need a place I can take them so they live happy lives please if anyone can help me, please call me or respond I only have a few more weeks before we have to take them to the yard (they are in a LARGE cage I built in my basement) I want them to run free in the yard but I feel its too cold so they are happy for now, heat, food, water and the kids entertain them (should be the other way around).

    well, thanks,

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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Try to give it back to the guy that sold them to you. Now in reality, about sexing chicks. The EXPERTS only get it 94% correct. Maybe the number is even smaller. There is a slight exception to the rule. If you get sex link chickens, then the hens , pullets at first, are a different color than the cockerels. I know how you feel because we are not allowed to keep roosters ether. WISHING YOU THE BEST. I know you are willing to go well out of your way to re home these.

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