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Mar 9, 2015
Somewhere over the rainbow
This morning, my chickens were safe in their coop when a neighbor dog came running at the fence. He couldn't hurt them, but he scared them and they ran around flapping their wings in their run. I ran the dog off and when I checked on them, three out of my four chickens had little bloody scabs just beneath their combs. They weren't there before! I think it was were they were flapping around and running. But I don't want their scabs to get infected. Is there anything I can put on them to keep that from happening? Please help!!!!!
Organic virgin coconut oil is anti bacterial and safe to use. I treated my ducklings eye infection by using watered down raw apple cider vinegar as a cleanse followed by coconut oil and it cleared up in a few days. It's worth a shot.
They'll probably be fine without it but you could put some Neosporin on them. If the wounds are deep, flush them with saline and apply some iodine first.

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