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Mar 30, 2015
So when i went to let my ducks out of their coop this morning, one of them (a Pekin hen) came out limping really badly. I looked her over and it looks like to me that there might be something wrong with her hip, but i'm not sure. i dont really know what could have happened inside of their coop that would get her leg hurt. what should i do?
Taking her to a vet would be the best thing, you could also take her inside and let her rest for a little while solo if that doesn't help I would definitely take her to the vet
Just found this - I would get her into a tub of lukewarm water deep enough to float in and watch carefully. She may have just pulled a muscle. Painful, slow to heal, but not too serious.

If there is a drake, they can really hurt a duck by mating roughly. You may want to separate them.

An Epsom salt compress (don't let her drink the liquid - it is a laxative) wrapped around her leg for as long as you can stand it, followed by a little bit of Traumeel ointment or T-Relief ointment on the leg, twice a day - at least once a day - and if it is a pull , ought to eventually heal itself.

Worse might be egg binding - lukewarm tub of water, but gently feel around vent and belly for a stuck egg. Give about 100 or so mg of calcium (calcium citrate pills dissolved in water, calcium gluconate liquid, or even half a Tums dissolved), a few times a day is what I would do - I am not a vet.

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