Free Ranging
Oct 16, 2008
My Oliver clutch is just like a Ford 8N.
I can push it down by hand easily. So stepping on it is really easy.
today I took the cable to the tachometer off.
I cleaned it and oiled it. It looks kind of beat up at the end that goes into the distributor. I
am thinking of just buying a new one rather than trying to fix that square end..
we ended up with 3" of really wet snow. but a lot of it has melted despite there was no sun..


Chicken addict
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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
My coop refurbish is coming along well. Got new perches installed today. I want to build a wind baffle for the pop door that doesn't have one. And modify the homemade feeder I took off. The chickens were having trouble getting enough feed out . Can hardly wait to finish and get the chickens moved in. Tomorrow I am going to the feed store and some other places to get stuff I need. Been stuck at home too long.

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