Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
I hated parting with any of them, but I kept my favorites (which was a hard call), and know both that they'll all be happier not overcrowded and that I sold good, healthy birds with no behavioral issues.

I am hoping to offset my chicken-keeping costs by selling started pullets so this is my first taste of it.

I must say that the remaining ladies do seem to be wondering where their sister is. They were gathering near the fence where I'd sat the carrier so that Omelet could be close to her flock until she was picked up.

The flock dynamics will probably shift a little now, since Omelet was in the middle of the pecking order.


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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
IMO, the key to staying on a diet is to break it occasionally -- deliberately and thoughtfully.

I'm coming up on 2 years of low carb and if I didn't let myself have some bread once or twice a month or have a small piece of cake at my grandkids' birthday parties I'd have chucked the diet ages ago. Instead, I've lost 80lbs.
Wow, congrats!


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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
don't you wish you could run and frolic like that ? I am happy when I walk to the kitchen without a kink or pop in my joints..
Yep, that would be great! I got a wagon load of bedding out of the hoop coop today. Then I raked out the leaves from the run area for the latest coop. Tossed some winter wheat seeds on it. Then one of the roosters came over to "help".

I did manage to spread manure over top of the seed so hopefully the wild birds won't eat it.
I also built a nest box for the coop I am building. I made it 26" wide, because hens like to all jam in at once and the Jubilee Orpingtons are big girls. They are just over 6 months and one is already laying. Still lots of growing to do.



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Oct 16, 2008
Good morning,
Today is wine starting day.
Yesterday my brother brought us about 40 pounds of frozen venison, mostly hamburger and a few roasts..
Had to take 60 pounds of blackberries out of the freezer to make room for the meat.
I started one batch last night. I will start two more today.. I have to clean out four 5 gallon carbouys. Plus 2 more 5 gallon pails..
I have dibs on the kitchen today. Stay out of my way..
The wild white rooster is still hiding in the pines.
We spot him once in a while, but he is very evasive.
He can't stay out there all winter.

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